Youth Transition Planning for CASA Volunteers

A successful transition from childhood to adulthood can be difficult even under the best circumstances. For youth in foster care, this transition can be further complicated by a lack of guidance and support from caring adults. Join us for a free training to learn how to successfully develop and implement a transition plan for your CASA youth.

Training will be held virtually Thursday, June 24th from 3 – 5PM CT. This training is brought to you by Louisiana CASA, Youth Law Center, and the Louisiana Bar Foundation.

What is a transition plan?

A transition plan describes an individual’s goals as well as the actions and supports required to achieve those goals as they transition out of foster care.

Why is a transition plan important?

Transition planning is critical to a seamless and successful shift from adolescence to adulthood. Generally, a transition plan should reflect the youth’s wishes and be personalized to take into account their strengths, preferences, and interests. Transition plans can be as detailed as you want, but should include specific information on the following:
– Finances
– Employment
– Education
– Health
– Housing
– Transportation

Transitioning to adulthood is difficult for all young people. We know that foster youth may face even tougher challenges when they, seemingly overnight, are required to independently make decisions; advocate for their personal needs; manage their financial or health options; pursue
higher education; find employment; obtain housing; and access transportation. It’s a lot to take on, but CASA volunteers can help foster youth succeed during this transition.

How do I create a transition plan?

Developing a transition plan for services and support ahead of time will ensure that your CASA youth are that much more prepared for adulthood. This training session will go into detail on how CASA volunteers can successfully develop and implement a transition plan for your CASA youth.

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